Bharatpur Beach


Situated at about half a kilometre from the jetty, one can conviniently find the busy Bharatpur Beach. This vast sandy stretch and gently curving bay allows for a perfect swim. The water is so shallow that even non-swimmers can take a refreshing dip.At low tide swimming is not possible, unless you walk for at least 500 meters through the coral reef into deeper waters.
The whole bay is pretty nice for snorkelling as one can see lots of different fish and in some parts bits of new growing corals. Beach No. 4 is definitely the most popular beach on Neil, especiallyamong Indian tourists spending the day in the warm waters or enjoying one of the many activity options. One can hire a glass bottom boats or
book snorkelling trips. There are also plenty of stalls selling refreshments, coconuts, snacks and some tourist souvenirs. You can also find toilets and changing rooms on the beach.
If one wants to avoid the crowds walk further away from all the buzz and you’ll manage to find some peaceful sandy stretch all by yourself. There is loads of shade on the beach beneath the green trees, it is just really unfortunate that the whole beach is covered with loads of trash, especially with plastic bottles and broken glass. Take care while walking barefoot.

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