Radhanagar Beach

Radhanagar Beach

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Radhanagar beach is one of most famous beaches in the Andaman Islands, and arguably the best beach in Asia as described by the Time Magazine. Needless to say, the beach ticks every mark demanded to make the perfect beach and your trip to Andaman isn’t complete till you visit there.

Situated almost 11 Km from the Havelock Jetty, the beach is just a 30 minutes drive away.

The beauty starts after the entry. Soon after entering and several steps forward, you are greeted by one of the most beautiful sceneries andaman has to offer. A wide view of open sea and shoreline with white sand that stretches out for as far as your eyes can see gives out a sense of freedom and openness.

The sky blue sea with crystal clear waters and perfect depth combined with just the right strength of waves makes it a pristine spot to go for a dip and enjoy long hours of water play.

There is a multitude of huts, benches and wooden chairs where you can sit back, relax and enjoy the scenery after long hours of swim, under the shade of large tropical trees that makes the spot even more relaxing.

You can reach the changing rooms by taking a left from the large hut on the center of the beach, ask the workers for any assistance. It is advised not to go more than 10 meters from the shoreline if you are a new or average swimmer. For any emergencies, lifeguards are posted at the beach during the opening hours to ensure safety of the travelers and locals.

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