Havelock Island

Havelock Island

Andaman and Nicobar Island’s most treasured spot. A place you must visit during your trip.

Situated 70 K.M from the capital Port Blair, the Havelock Island has been at the spotlight of the Andaman Tourism for more than a decade. The island boasts some of the most well defined spots of attraction with a perfect mixture of tropical jungle and white sand beaches.

One of the most intriguing things about the Havelock Island is it’s lack of urban density. The island has a very low population density, that makes sure you get as close to nature as possible without having to see yet another urban city, which you probably are taking a break from.

Narrow roads surrounded by either dense tropical jungles with unique trees or long strips of fields covered with greenery of rice and paddies, combined with a sudden jump of clear open waters on the side of the road makes the Havelock Island, one of the best places to explore with a rental bike.

The best places to visit in Havelock Island:

Among several other attractions, some of the best places you must visit during your trip are:

  1. Radhanagar Beach
  2. Elephant Beach
  3. kalapathar Beach
  4. Vijaynagar Beach
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