On the northern Andaman island, Diglipur island is a prominent ecotourism destination that covers an expanse of greenery, and marine life. The island is mainly known for its beaches like Kalipur Beach, Ross & Smith Islands, Ramnagar Beach, and Pathi Level Beach that hosts activities like snorkeling, scuba diving, and trekking. Besides, Diglipur happens to the the largest peaks in the archipelago, which often remain thronged by the trekkers to see its unique wildlife. Do visit Ramnagar Beach, and Kalipur Beach to see the turtle nesting.

Things To Know About Diglipur

Situated far up in the North Andaman, Diglipur is around 290km by road and 180km by sea from Port Blair. Tourists can choose to travel by road or by sea.

By Sea: If you only want to visit Diglipur in the North, the best option would be to take a ship. There are direct government ship services available 3-4 times per week (please check the schedule in advance) from Port Blair.  The whole journey takes around 10 hours and longer but more convenient overnight sails are also available. Tickets can be booked at the Phoenix Bay office or at the administration block by ‘the Dolphin roundabout’ in Diglipur.

By Road: One can also travel up north by Andaman Trunk Road, crossing three creeks on the way and the Jarawa tribe area. The journey however is exhausting and it can take up to 12 long hours. There are a number of early morning buses plying daily from Port Blair to Diglipur. The tickets need to be bought in advance at least a day prior to the travel date. There are also private AC buses available offering more comfort but are pricier. Buses are available for the Port Blair Central Bus Stop in Aberdeen Bazaar, every day at 4am in the morning. However, seats are limited and require advance booking to travel

One can also rent a private AC car. This is highly recommended especially if you would like to stop on the way to Diglipur. Places like Baratang, Rangat and Mayabundar have beautiful beaches and other attractions. Prices from Port Blair to Diglipur start from INR 5000 one way but will increase based on your itinerary.

Top things to do in Diglipur :

#1. Climb Saddle Peak


At 732metres, Saddle Peak is the highest point of the archipelago in the Bay of Bengal. The surroundings is a bio-diverse natural paradise as the thick jungle offers home to over 13 indigenous birds species, 36 indigenous species of insects and 6 species of indigenous trees.

#2. Swim at Ross and Smith


The islands of Ross and Smith are a sight to behold.
These majestic twin islands are connected by a thin fifty metre long sand bar. This silky white sand bar descends inside the sea at times of high tide and surfaces up again during low tide. The warm waters are crystal clear and the untamed virgin beaches are one of the most picture perfect ones you will see on the islands.

#3. Watch Turtle Nesting/hatching at Kalipur Beach

If you visit Diglipur between December and April, chances are that you will be able to spot turtles nesting and hatching. Kalipur, is one of the few beaches in the world, where four species of sea turtles (Olive Ridley, Leather Back, Hawksbill and Green Turtles) come to nest their eggs.

For this purpose, the government has built a hatchery there and if lucky you can witness both turtles laying their eggs (late at night) or baby turtles being set free into the sea (early morning).

How long to stay?

Diglipur is a vast region that people mostly visit for Kalipur turtle nestling and the Saddle Peak Trekking. But there are more places of interest like Alfred caves and the craegy island which are slowly opening up as tourism destinations. For this ideally, a 2-3 day getaway would be ideal to cover all.

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