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Situated in the Bay of Bengal, is one of the last remaining virgin Rain-forest islands in the world. Andaman & Nicobar Islands are relaxed tropical islands on the outpost of India.

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Here at Scintillating Andaman, we offer the amalgamation of the islands’ unique experiences into carefully crafted Andaman and Nicobar tour packages. Superb, near-deserted beaches, incredible corals along with marine life and an intriguing colonial past, lure travellers to these mysterious islands. The picturesque island is a favorite destination for honeymooners! If you’re looking for a perfect getaway with your better half to begin your new journey, then our Andaman Nicobar honeymoon package awaits to surprise you. The true feels of these islands lift up the spirit of love between you and your partner. A heart-warming symphony awaits to give you all that with a perfect Andaman honeymoon package which can be selected from our specially crafted itinerary options. We use our passionate unrivaled knowledge to gift you a perfect island vacation in India!

Since 2018, An expert of the Andaman holiday packages, we make sure that our respected customers are provided with the best private tours that are exactly in accordance with their points of interest. Located in the capital city (Port Blair), it is a one-stop destination for tourists and travellers, who are looking to book holiday packages, hotels, transfers, etc. Our dedicated team of holiday specialists is an expert of Andaman tourism having vast experience in the travel domain.

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“History of Jarawa Tribes”




The Jarawas (also Järawa, Jarwa) are an indigenous people of the Andaman Islands in India. They live in parts of South Andaman and Middle Andaman Islands, and their present numbers are estimated at between 250–400 individuals. They have largely shunned interaction with outsiders, and many particulars of their society, culture and traditions are poorly understood. Since the 1990’s, contacts between Jarawa groups and outsiders grew increasingly frequent. By the 2000’s, some Jarawas had become regular visitors at settlements, where they trade, interact with tourists, get medical aid, and even send their children to school.  The Jarawas are recognised as an Adivasi group in India.  Along with other indigenous Andamanese peoples, they have inhabited the islands for several thousand years. The Andaman Islands have been known to outsiders since antiquity; however, until quite recent times they were infrequently visited, and such contacts were predominantly sporadic and temporary. For the greater portion of their history their only significant contact has been with other Andamanese groups. Through many decades, contact with the tribe has diminished quite significantly. There is some indication that the Jarawa regarded the now-extinct Jangil tribe as a parent tribe from which they split centuries or millennia ago, even though the Jarawa outnumbered the Jangil. The Jangil were presumed extinct by 1931. The Jarawa are a designated Scheduled Tribe in India.

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